Track #02 - Sustainability Leadership :

ESG Materiality Assessment

Empower your future with ClimeUp Academy's hands-on sustainability training.


ClimeUp Academy aims to prepare sustainability professionals for real-world projects through hands-on exercises and industry case studies. This community learning approach also helps individuals shape their sustainability profiles and find job transition opportunities in the field of sustainability. By following this approach, professionals can ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to make a significant impact in their roles.

Track #02 - Sustainability Leadership : This materiality assessment course, part of the Sustainability Leadership, is designed to help individuals become proficient in the Sustainability management roles. Upon successful completion of this training, you will be equipped to carry out ESG Materiality Assessment independently within your organization.


ClimeUp Academy serves a diverse audience, including professionals, students, enterprises, and community leaders who are passionate about integrating sustainable practices into their respective domains. The program is designed for:

- Sustainability professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in Materiality Assessment

- Students and academic professionals interested in gaining expertise in Materiality Assessment

- Professionals aiming to transition into corporate sustainability management roles, including but not limited to:

- Chief Sustainability Officers

- Head of Sustainability

- Sustainability Managers/Leads

- ESG/Sustainability Consultants

- Health and Safety Officers

- General Managers

- Plant Managers/Supervisors

- Facility Administrators

- Human Resources or People Officers

- Chief Finance Officers

- Operational Managers

- Quality Managers


Module 1:

Introduction to ESG Materiality Assessment (2 hrs.)

  • Understanding Materiality Assessment
  • Comprehending the concept of double materiality
  • Differentiating between double materiality and impact materiality
  • Defining Materiality in the ESG context
  • Case studies on Materiality Assessments

Module 2:

Key Principles of Materiality Assessment (2 hrs.)

  • Procedure of the Materiality Assessment
  • Objectives of Materiality Assessment
  • Connection with Standards and Frameworks
  • Analyzing the role of materiality in GRI, SASB, TCFD, CSRD and ESRS frameworks
  • Case studies discussion

Module 3:

Materiality Assessment across Industries (2 hrs.)

  • Exploring materiality topics across Industry (E,S and G)
  • Exploring Sector Specific Materiality Topics
  • Materiality benchmarking
  • Case studies discussion

Module 4:

Stakeholder Engagement in Materiality Assessment

(2 hrs. )

  • Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders
  • Choosing engagement channels and tools
  • Identifying Material topics for the Organization
  • Stakeholder Grouping
  • Hands-on exercise

Module 5 :

Materiality Scoring and Assessment (2 hrs.)

  • Creating a Materiality Assessment Template
  • Establishing question weightage and ranking mechanism
  • Selecting the Mode of Communication for Data Collection
  • Analyzing the input of Materiality Assessment
  • Analyzing Risks and Opportunities of the material issue
  • Hands-on exercise

Module 6:

Evaluation and Materiality Mapping (2 hrs.)

  • Creating and Interpreting Materiality Matrices (heatmap)
  • Identifying the top 10 material issues
  • Conducting a peer review across the Industry
  • Integrating the discoveries into business strategy
  • Hands-on exercise

Module 7:

Materiality Assessment Exercise ( 4 hrs. )

  • Break-out sessions
  • Group Project
  • Project Review and Assessments


Meeting : Online sessions ( MS Teams or Zoom meeting )

IMPORTANT : Session link will be shared to the registered email address.

Fee Structure:

  • Course Fee - Rs.10,000 + 18% GST = Total 11,800 Rs.

Important Dates:

  • Last date for Registration : 24th April 2024.

Schedule and Duration: ( 2 full days program )

  • Weekday Batch : 25th and 26th April’24 (09:00 AM to 06:00 PM IST)


  • Weekend Batch : 27th and 28th April’24  (09:00 AM to 06:00 PM IST)


- Course Completion Certificate: Successfully complete the course and receive a certificate from ClimeUp Academy.

- Case Study-Based Training and Workshop Toolkits: Engage in a training program that uses real-world case studies, complemented by comprehensive workshop toolkits.

- Access to ClimeUp Community: Join an exclusive community platform where the following benefits are offered:

-Continuous updates and enhancements to your sustainability knowledge.

-Expert support for on-the-job queries.

-Opportunities to find jobs within a network of sustainability leaders.

- Support from Academy Help Center: Receive support from the Climeup Academy Help Center, available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

- Listing in Consulting Directory: Get profiled in the Consulting Directory on the ClimeUp Community Platform.